An avid musician from a young age, electronic producer VOLO crafts deeply emotive & cinematic soundscapes that resonate with intense spirituality and creative dexterity. Channeling the old school electronic aesthetic of Boards of Canada mixed with the contemporary ingenuity of modern day greats such as Odesza, VOLO provides a fresh and forward thinking sound. Embodying the wonder and triumph of Mother Earth, VOLO artfully fuses together world instruments, ethereal soundscapes, and driving synths. In the process, his tracks defy genres and constraints, oscillating between orchestral production, future bass, house, and downtempo. Carefully crafting intricate layers and textures of sound, VOLO leaves fans discovering new details with every listen. 


Lush and serene, VOLO’s full-length debut album Live Free, out now is a cinematic masterpiece characterized by atmospheric soundscapes and buoyant synths. Composing each song after a meaningful life event, VOLO powerfully captures the essence of the human experience. The single “Evergreen” features field recordings taken from a hiking trip, providing the track with a significant sense of depth and realness while the production poignantly portrays the feeling and emotion
surrounding this particular experience. On Live Free, VOLO explores a myriad of themes such as youth and childlike purity with his single “Cloudsurf,” inspiration with “Undercurrent,” and breaking new ground with “Portals. Live Free prodigally weaves earthly tracks with otherworldly, celestial tracks to paint a sonic tapestry that strongly embraces the joy of being alive.