VOLO Van Crowdfunding

As shows are coming back into full swing, and the warmer months are coming around the corner – I’m deciding to make the move into living and traveling in a van! I’m planning to write a new album while immersed in nature, and to share my music & art as widely as possible – especially in new places that i’ve never been before. 


I currently have an SUV that i’ve built out with a bed for this exact reason, and it’s been great for short trips, but I’d love to have space to work on music & art inside the vehicle and to be more comfortable traveling for long periods of time. I’m asking for support to Vanifest this nomadic dream and to share the magic I want to offer to the world.


There’s a variety of ways you can support if you feel called:

  1. I’m auctioning off some of my original artworks
  2. I’m creating a few NFT’s of some of my most popular songs
  3. Donation