‘With The Winds’ Vinyl




Help make the first VOLO Vinyl for ‘With The Winds’!

Support the crowdfunding campaign here: https://volovibes.bandcamp.com/album/with-the-winds

I’m stoked for this first time adventure of offering vinyl to all of you! This is meaningful and significant to my creative journey of the past seven years. The vinyl will be a transparent blue with a full artwork sleeve that my good friend Christian who goes by Voyager Spirit crafted. We both approach life with similar perspectives, and this project bridges his visual art with my soundscapes to create vivid and vast places for listeners to immerse into. I’m also offering different packages with artwork prints from the album singles as well as limited signed test pressings.

This record feels like a cinematic journey, exploring a myriad of inspirations and genres. The bulk of the album was created in a little cottage in the Northern California coastal redwoods. This album instills a sense of freedom – inspired by the birds I watched outside of my studio windows. I have allowed the birds to teach me their flowing ways as they weave and soar with the winds.

My music making process can be seen as a personal journal where memories become lessons and thoughts become an orchestra of emotions. Integrating field recordings of significant places & people in my life has been integrated into my creative process. Recordings with a loved one at the beach, or from life living on the road – these recordings provide the album with a significant sense of depth and realness while the production poignantly portrays the feeling and emotion surrounding this particular experience.