Lessons & Mentorship

Music Production Lessons & Creative Mentorship

For new or experienced music producers, looking to level up their craft or learn the basics audio alchemy & manifesting their inspirations into finished songs.

Some of the areas of support I can offer:

– Workflow Advice

– Lessons in navigating and utilizing Ableton Live to its full potential ( I can also work with you if you use another DAW)

– Learning Various Audio/MIDI Effects, VST’s, Synthesizers, and the full wizards toolkit in music production

– Learn how to effectively use tools like EQ, Compression, Sidechaining, Saturation, Delays, Sends, etc.

– Insight into my personal projects, sharing my unique approaches, tools, and techniques

– Track Feedback and guidance on your personal projects

– Coaching and Mentoring on the creation process of an EP or Album

– DJ Lessons in learning Traktor Pro 3, and tips for creating live set journeys

– Music Industry Consulting, how to release and distribute music, how to register your music properly and set yourself up for financial reciprocity from your music

– Access to my personal sample packs and field recordings

– Access to all my personal recommendations for plugins, kontakt packs, sample packs, and custom Ableton Racks


If you’re interested, please fill out the form below, I’d love to hear about where you’re at with music production and what your goals are. If it feels right, we can schedule a first session

– The 1 on 1 sessions will be online via Zoom at $80/hr

Email me to schedule a call