Past clients include GoPro, Bentley, Jaybird, San Juan Airlines, Shysee Sportswear, Imagine Par Arnaud Leseur, Pinbike and more. 

I am also available for film scores and other projects. I can work with you to meet short deadlines.


I am happy to discuss your project with you, including pricing, style, and project timeline. I’ll respond to your request within 24 hours. Full back catalog available per request.

For any licensing request please contact:

Selected tracks are available for licensing on Music Vine HERE


VOLO – Mystic [ GoPro ]


VOLO – Wander [ FPV Aerial Reel ]


VOLO – Mystic [ Bentley Motors ]


VOLO – Wander [Jaybird Docuseries]

VOLO – Starseed [Koa Rothman Surf Channel]

VOLO – Force of Nature [San Juan Airlines]