Field Recordings Collection (Digital Download)


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Over the past 4 years I’ve been enchanted with the process of capturing field recordings during my travels and adventures. All of these landscapes have a particular essence or spirit to them that compelled me to sit down and hit record.  When I am recording/listening, I feel in communion with the environment and a sense of stillness within myself. As much as i’ve enjoyed using these sounds in my music, recording soundscapes feels like a meditative practice in and of itself.

Including field recordings in my music has added layers of organic depth and is now an integral part of my creation process. It feels now like I’m at the point now where I’d love to offer all of these compiled recordings back to other musicians and content creators. I’ve released small packs of recordings for download but never my entire collection. These are all of my selected favorites from over the years, which I’ve edited and are ready to use.

Included are recordings from all over California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Hawaii. There’s also quite a few edited foley samples and miscellaneous recordings that came about spontaneously along the way. I hope these recordings will spark creative inspiration in your music and inspire you to try the practice of soundscape meditation yourself!

What’s included:

125 Atmosphere/Ambience Recordings

69 Foley Recordings

35 Miscellaneous Recordings

Over 2GB ~ All .wav files